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Make COVID-19 Germs Be Gone!

We offer Hand  Sanitizers (alcohol-free), Disinfection/Sanitizing Fogging and Spraying products for Medical, Educational, Residential, Restuarant, Fitness, Retail, Food Service and Offices.  Also following major flooding events.   Using the most up-to-date fogging and spraying technology, you can apply our products at various Micron sizes.  All our chemicals are non-toxic to humans and pets.  They are food-service prep-area approved!  You don't have to evacuate the premises for long, as our chemicals dry in only a few minutes.  During  the present COVID-19 Virus Epidemic, we offer a full line of PPD and EPA "N" list approved products.   Disinfection is the best way to attack Viral and Bacterial threats from commonly used and touched surfaces.   Call our Customer Service today at  (561) 459-5799.